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The Ministry strives to enhance the overall research environment, foster collaboration, and provide a foundation of data-driven information for advancing healthcare and biomedical research in the country in alignment with the relevant UAE research and development strategies and the strategic directions outlined in the UAE Centennial 2071. This research portal offers real-time data on health and biomedical research publications in reputable journals listed in Elsevier Scopus. The primary goal is to empower academic and professional researchers and clinicians in UAE academic institutions, healthcare organizations, and private companies. The portal aims to furnish essential data regarding the health and biomedical research landscape, facilitating more vital research collaboration and providing data-driven insights for leaders in decision-making processes. Moreover, the portal serves as a valuable resource for external collaborators, offering insights into health research capabilities in the UAE. It aims to assist in understanding the landscape better and identifying opportunities for establishing networks and collaborations in biomedical research.

Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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